1. Choice now : D
Choice in assignment 1: D
I think government should put measure for rich people to share their wealth to poor communities for example create the non-governmental organisation through charities to donates potion of their wealth to communities in order to uplift the standard of living. It should not be made compulsory for rich people to assist poor communities.

2. Choice now : D
Choice in assignment 1: D
People should be educated about the use of fossil-fuel and the impact it has on the environment. The government has done enough by doing environmental campaign though media and others. But if people don’t want to contribute there is nothing I can to change that. I personally don’t have the capacity to educate everyone to reduce the use of fossil fuel.

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3. Choice now : B
Choice in assignment 1: E
I change to option B; With the level of technology inceasing one way or another the alternative of natural will eventual be found. Currently we don’t have to worry about the way we consume natural resources. We need to channel our energy to more important thing than to worry about the way we are consuming natural resources too fast.


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