1) I think owner’s choice was not appropriate in using design bid build delivery method. Because it is said in case study that owner was not aware of budget for construction involved but appointing project manager ; CM at risk will help the owner in making good decision about budget and better using of design bid build.
2) According to me no, the owner has considered all the relevant factors.
3) Unless the project manager ; CM at risk are involved the project won’t be realistic because the owner had a experience of doing similar project but this project is little bigger than what he did so putting the delivery method as design bid build won’t be realistic for him due to unaware of budget ; time.
4) The owner can make decision in design ; budgeting phase. According to the budget the designs can be made, and the project can be completed within the budget. The owner communicates with CM at risk through project manager. The owner may communicate during renovation phase so that CM at risk respond to the actual conditions in the old structure.
5) The authority the project manager needs to have is control over project material, man power, designs and he must work with the budget ; time provided by the owner.
6) The owner reserved for the authority of budget ; time.
7) The PM/CM at risk should consult the facilities staff during the design ; construction due the requirements i.e. the construction ; design has to be done according to their requirement but during procurement of subcontractor there is no need for meeting with the staff.
8) No, the CM at risk need to be selected by owner or may be project manager because the design is done as per the owner requirement but the CM at risk are involved to avoid overruns caused in project.
9) It is always better for the owner to select trade contractor who has better experience because the contractor is the one mainly works on field and he will be having practical experience.
10) The owner must inspect the site for every time intervals to know the weather the project is going as per plan. This also can be done through project manager.