(1629) Suspended Parliament, bringing England close to Absolutism
– ran out of money fighting with the Irish, needed Parliament to help with financing (1640)
– Once recalled, had to deal with angry Parliamentarians
– After 2 years of conflict, stormed Parliament to arrest them, most escaped
– escapees gathered support for the civil war that was about to erupt
– 1643-1649: Royals vs. Roundheads (Parliament)
– captured (1646)
– Wouldn’t negotiated and was BEHEADED

• Post beheading
– (1649-1658)-,England governed by constitutional republic by Oliver Cromwell
– Not radically different, just not monarch
– England divided over religion ; control of army
– Charles II (who fled to France) was invited back
Terms of agreement: unable to pass laws or raise revenue without permission from Parliament