A cinema outside of a mall or a small theater is called Microcinema

A cinema outside of a mall or a small theater is called Microcinema. These theatres often showcase films that have not been appreciated in the big theatres. In line with the rising numbers of independent films in the Philippines, pop-up screenings and microcinemas have also been growing in numbers. UP Film Institutes’ Cine Adarna has been around since 1976 and considered as the pioneering venue for film training in the country. Black Maria cinema, Cinema ’76 film society, and Cinema Centenario are some of more well-know small theatres in the country. Hector Calma, founder of Cinema Centenario, sain in an interview that as a filmmaker, it’s not enough to just have a film. Local film festivals such as Cinemalaya, Cinema One Originals, and CineFilipinos are some of the examples that produce Filipino indie films but don’t have venues and channels that can reach the audience. Calma also stated that microcinemas are alternative space for independent films.


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