In ‘A Bag of Oranges”

In ‘A Bag of Oranges” , The young boy is carried on an emotional, yet eventful journey learning his father through the casual day of shopping. Nikos Pappanoulos was a 10 year boy who was born into a very poor family, but yet he was still like any other 10 year olds. Always seeking new sights, his intriguing sense of wonder always at peak. Even though Nikos was an adventurous child, he was also a bit heedful of where his father took him. He favored his father. There was a sense of respect. His father’s personality and actions was something that Nikos was taking notes to, learning his father, out of admiration but more so , love. This day, Saturday, was a day that Nikos didn’t instinctively thought was going to shape his 10 year old life forever.


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