In today’s world

In today’s world, our life is most influenced by modern technology that we can’t even imagine our lives while not them. we have a tendency to live in this world wherever we use technology each day for nearly every task. modern technology has an immeasurable impact on our lives. we’ve all seen how the civilization has evolved because of modern technology. it’s revolutionised the ways in which of living in each possible method right from however we complete our work to how we communicate. simply stating, modern technology is that the extension and advancement of already existing technology as a results of scientific discoveries and developments. modern technology has continuously bolstered in enhancing human capabilities and has been evolving over the years.

Digital technology has revolutionized virtually each aspect of people’s lives in recent decades. office work, shopping, music, movies, television, photography, travel, transport, and long distance communications are just a few areas that are reworked. It’s become increasingly rare to search out an electronic device or massive machine that does not incorporate digital technology in a way. Digital technology implies that devices will be smaller, lighter, faster, and additional versatile. It implies that vast amounts of knowledge will be keep regionally or remotely and moved from place to put virtually in a flash. Even the term “information” has distended to incorporate photos, audio, video, and different media, instead of simply letters and numbers. the knowledge will be way more easily manipulated too; photos, music, and movies will be emended Modern technology brings a change with it.

Yes, it is true that modern technology’s purpose is to make lives easier, but every benefit has a cost. If modern technology has 1000 advantages, it also has 100 disadvantages. That is what we are going to highlight “Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology” today. Technology has begun to take over the world. everybody has a smartphone, or a smart device glued to their hands in the least times, an understanding of technology has currently become a requirement within the skilled field, and even faculty are requiring students to use eBooks and devices so as to possess a “paper-free” class. Technology could seem sort of a vast advancement to society, however with massive advancements comes equally massive setbacks.


With the introduction of social media and smartphones, more and more individuals choose to interact on-line instead of meeting their friends and family. This results in loneliness and stress aka social isolation. Humans have to interact in order to survive and grow. Lack of interaction will cause depression and anxiety disorders. within the past, individuals used to play cricket and soccer outside however with the introduction of gaming consoles this trend has changed. kids currently choose to play on-line sitting at home instead of going out. This has conjointly led to some serious health problems like obesity.

Besides that, Decreased creativity. As more and more machines are being introduced, human brains are getting wasted. individuals currently depend on machines to carry out employment or any task which implies that the ability is dwindling away. brainstorming and critical thinking are history in some cases. Even youngsters are becoming used to ease. many colleges have currently allowed calculators in classes and this implies that we have a tendency to see some weak mathematicians in future!

In addition, Increased unemployment Rates. Modern technology has brought several benefits and advantages for people however this is often also true that the expense of those advantages is paid by just some individuals. whereas others enjoy the luxuries and ease introduced by the modern technology, there are people that suffer. more machines mean that the demand for labor and workers reduces increasing the unemployment rates of a country. employees lose jobs and that they face difficulties raising their families. Advancement in technology is typically a curse for many folks.

Finally, Job Loss. Modern technology has replaced several human jobs; robots do the jobs that used to be done by humans. several packing firms have utilized robots on production lines to extend production and efficiency, this is often good news for businesses because it helps them build more cash and serve customers, however it’s bad news for workers as a result of they will become redundant.