Reaction Paper

Reaction Paper: Geostorm

Climate change is one of the biggest environmental problems in our world. It is caused by the things us humans do that harm the planet, like how the things we make release greenhouse gases that can destroy the ozone layer.
The movie Geostorm talks about climate change as its main theme. It all starts when they built a system of satellites called the “Dutchboy” in hopes to solve climate change. It was proven to be effective, but something goes wrong with the system, making it malfunction. The two brothers have to fix what went wrong before the system launches a Geostorm that will destroy the earth.
In this film, we learn that preparedness is the key to being safe from disasters. As the weather disturbances happened suddenly, hardly anyone was able to prepare for the impending disasters that would be coming. Only the few who knew the things to do managed to survive safely.

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