The first threat is Cyber Security and Data Risk

The first threat is Cyber Security and Data Risk ; In this era of modern technology where almost everything is connected digitally, it is not a surprise that the threats from cyber attacks is not only growing into something bigger but also mutating into something that new and insidious forms. The second risk is going to be Credit Risk, people nowadays are very very consumtive in my opinion, people will buy gadgets, cars and houses simply just because they wanted to impress someone. If a person borrows a loan from a bank and is not able to repay them because of certain factors the bank will definitely will face credit risk. The last one will be Geopolitical Risk, the election of Donald Trump and along with “Brexit” is going to have a serious implications to the economy sector througout the world. Small banks located inside the eurozone will have the largest implications from Brexit but it doesnt mean that large banks will not suffer from so called Brexit.