There is no doubt

There is no doubt, just as the baker’s goods are fallible and earthly, the Sophists’ methods follow suit. Where the art of the baker may seem masterful to the eye and to the tongue, it falls apart shortly after entering the mouth, its beauty but fleeting. It is almost humorous how as the food that enters the mouth will decay, the words that exit the mouth of the sophists do not hold up, falling apart as soon as their purpose is served. While the Sophist may use lies and deceit to hold a point, the base is but made of sand, failing the structure before the wrath of the storm. Compared to the Sophist, Socrates is the builder who builds his house on stone, and that stone being the truth. As is the nature of truth it can be downtrodden and twisted, but it can never be changed, providing solid ground for one to build an argument.


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