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In recent years there has been a big change as revolution in the computer and communication world and all the signs are that technological development and employ of information technology (IT) will continue go on with a fast velocity. As a result, Such great progresses in development present several major and great opportunities but also pose a lot of challenges. Nowadays, increasing in inventions in the field of IT are having extensive effects over the social life of every individual it does no matter whether they belong to a rural or urban area. There are many factors that shows people all over the world are addicted towards the new applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter etcetera. Ultimately these advanced apps were made to use by huans but unfortunelly they have been running down in the blood vessel of kids, youngsters and elders. One of the main rsaon these sites are addidtives are because of there millions of ictures , videos and non-stop essaging and texting from


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